Our nationwide customers don’t see us as vendors. They value us as Partners.

When behavioral health organizations choose to work with us at Credible, they choose us because we aren’t just selling them a behavioral health EHR software. They choose us because we are providing a Partnership. They prefer a genuine relationship over a business transaction, a customer support Partner over a customer service recording, and most of all, an opportunity to grow alongside a top behavioral health company.

Credible Partnership Approach

Partnership Approach

At Credible, we don’t expect you to work in isolation. We work in close collaboration. It’s how we build trust. It’s how we ensure success for our Partners.

Success Stories

Our greatest ambassadors are the organizations who’ve experienced Credible’s Partnership Approach up-close.

Credible Credible Cares

Credible Cares. Giving back is in our DNA.

Credible works with our Partners to help them help their communities and to serve our Mission. It’s more than a program. It’s a company-wide belief system.


As a Credible Partner, gain access to one of the largest behavioral health conferences in the world alongside many events we have to offer.