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About Credible
About Credible
Sondra Tranen - PDG Rehabilitation Services Inc

PDG Rehabilitation Services, Inc.

Marion Long - Therapeutic Interventions Inc

Therapeutic Interventions, Inc.

Bill Camp - First Step of Sarasota
First Step of Sarasota

Region Ten Community Services Board

Michael Safford - Northeastern Counseling Center
Northeastern Counseling Center
Kathy Beason - Eastern Montana Community Mental Health Center
Eastern Montana Community Mental Health Center
Larry Scurlock - Community Residences Inc
Community Residences, Inc.
PRS, Inc.
Martha Zahn - Touchstone Behavioral Health
Touchstone Behavioral Health
Princess Wilkins - Western Tidewater Community Services Board

Western Tidewater Community Services Board

Chase Williams and Jason Keusziger - Goldman-Sachs

Goldman Sachs

Gary Minner - TRUENORTH Wellness Services

TRUENORTH Wellness Services

Pathway Homes, Inc

Kyle Snow - Northestem Counsling Center

Northeastern Counseling Center

Bob Puckett - Families Inc


PRS, Inc.

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With efficient care, quality services, and highly trained professionals on staff, Credible has helped our clients soar to new and exciting heights. Learn how Credible has been able to renew clients’ confidence and establish ourselves as a valuable asset to their success.

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