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OPEN MINDS & Credible Behavioral Health Software Launch The EHR Best Practices Community – An Online Site For Optimizing EHR Technology

GETTYSBURG, Pa. (March 31, 2019) — OPEN MINDS and Credible Behavioral Health Software announce the launch of a new online community, the EHR Best Practices Community. The EHR Best Practices Community is a free platform for health and human service organization executives to share best practices on selecting, implementing, and optimizing performance of their electronic health recording (EHR) technology.

The community is focused on how to leverage EHR investments for better consumer outcomes, better organizational performance, and competitive advantage. The Community provides its members with:

  • Continuous updates on developments that affect how management teams use organizational data and information
  • Management tools to leverage EHR functionality for improved organizational performance
  • A platform for executives and subject matter experts to share best practices

The EHR Best Practices Community will be lead by an advisory board with expertise in management behavioral health organizations and EHR technology. The advisory board includes:

  • Ken Carr, Senior Associate, OPEN MINDS
  • John Falsetti, Director of Information Services, Maryville Academy
  • Tonya Harmon, Senior Management Consultant, Optum Government Solutions, UnitedHealth Group
  • Rafi Khan, Subject Matter Expert, OPEN MINDS
  • Robert Neary, Subject Matter Expert, OPEN MINDS
  • Jaclyn O’Donnell, Executive Vice President, Credible Behavioral Health Software
  • Victor Topo, MSW, President/Chief Executive Officer, Center for Life Management
  • Arthur Williams, PMP, Project Management Consultant, Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare

“As Credible continues to grow and support successful implementations, our team is proud to collaborate with OPEN MINDS on the EHR Best Practices Community. We have learned many lessons from the 425+ implementations we have completed nationwide and are honored to share those lessons and stories with all behavioral health agencies, regardless of their EHR vendor,” said Matt Dorman,  “As a team, Credible strives to improve the quality of care in behavioral health and through this partnership, Credible is able to leverage what we have learned throughout the years to help more agencies avoid the pitfalls and problems of adopting new technology.”

“Over last decade, OPEN MINDS and Credible have collaborated on numerous partnership initiatives to educate and support organizations throughout the health and human services industry, so it should be no surprise that our teams have come together to launch the EHR Best Practices Community,” said Monica E. Oss, chief executive officer of OPEN MINDS. “We are excited to share this new community with executives across the industry to help each ensure they are getting the most from their EHR. The Community’s comprehensive resource center includes management tools and articles, presentation slides and recordings, and even interviews with leading industry experts.”

To learn more about the EHR Best Practices Community or to join for free, visit .

About Credible Behavioral Health Software

Relying on more than 18 years of partner feedback, innovations, and improvements, Credible is committed to improving the quality of care and lives in behavioral health for clients, families, providers, and management. A market leader in Behavioral Health Enterprise Software, Credible has partnered with over 425 Partner Agencies in 36 states. We provide secure, proven, easy-to-use software for clinic, community, residential, and mobile care providers.

Credible provides Behavioral Healthcare Enterprise software to the growing US Behavioral Health (Mental Health and Substance Abuse) market. A leading SaaS vendor, Credible’s Behavioral Health Electronic Health Record (EHR) is HIPAA compliant, Meaningful Use Stage 3 certified, and processing annually over $4,000,000,000 in Medicaid, Medicare, and insurance claims. Credible’s current functionality includes fully integrated clinical, scheduling, employee management, primary care, treatment planning, security, ePrescribing, eLabs, inpatient, mobile, reporting, and billing modules. Marketed as secure, proven, easy-to-use software for clinic, community, residential, and mobile care providers, Credible leads the industry in innovation and service.


OPEN MINDS is a national strategic advisory firm specializing in the sectors of the health and human service field, serving individuals with chronic conditions and complex support needs: mental health; addiction treatment; children and family services; intellectual and developmental disabilities; chronic disease management; long term care; social services; correctional health care; and juvenile justice.

Founded in 1987 and based in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the 150+ associates believe by providing the latest market intelligence and management best practices to organizations serving the health and social support needs of the most vulnerable consumers, those organizations will be better able to provide efficient and effective services. Learn more at

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