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New EHR Best Practices Community Features The OPEN MINDS Strategic Technology Assessment

GETTYSBURG, Pa. (April 21, 2019) — Behavioral health leaders depend more on technology than ever before to help them navigate the changes in service delivery and payer expectations. Despite the added need for technology, provider organizations are only spending less than 1% and up to 5% on technology. With such a variety in health care provider organization technology spending, how can organizations know if they are getting the most from their EHR investment? This is why the EHR Best Practices Community has decided to feature The OPEN MINDS Strategic Technology Assessment – a free online tool to assist health and human service provider organization executives and technology experts assess what EHR functionality areas their organizations are excelling at, and which need expanding.

The EHR Best Practices Community, developed jointly by the teams at Credible & OPEN MINDS, is focused on helping provider organizations optimize their EHR technology. As a key resource for assessing EHR functionality, this tool allows executives and technology experts to determine what areas of their EHR functionality can be enhanced for added strategic value.

The OPEN MINDS Strategic Technology Assessment is being made available to any behavioral health organization at no charge, courtesy of Credible. The tool measures the success of a behavioral health organization in leveraging and optimizing their EHR investment. In addition, the assessment reviews the organization’s current EHR platform against the advanced functionalities that are essential for growth and sustainability in the current health and human service market. The assessment looks at functionality like collecting and tracking clinical data, having a mobile data option, and predicting financial sustainability.

“Credible is passionate about assisting provider organizations to succeed in the ever-changing health and human services market. We have expanded our nearly decade long partnership with OPEN MINDS to add even more value to our Partners and the behavioral health community,” said Matthew M. Dorman, Founder and CEO of Credible Behavioral Health Software. “We are proud to help develop and sponsor a tool that organizations can utilize to evaluate the current state of their EHR technology. We hope this tool will encourage organizations to take a deeper look at their technology to improve their competitive strategy.”

“Technology needs in health and human services have changed dramatically. Despite this shift, many provider organizations are still using their EHR technology as an administrative tool and not a strategic one. This is why we have developed and continue to promote this assessment,” said Monica E. Oss, Chief Executive Officer of OPEN MINDS. “This tool gives providers across the market an expert view of how their EHR is performing, and what functionality could be added to enhance their current technology. I’m pleased that we have been able to continue to expand our collaborations with the Credible team to bring this new community and tool to the field.”

The assessment can be found in the EHR Best Practices Community resource library and is available for use at no charge. After completing the assessment, all participating organizations receive an assessment score and recommendations for enhancing their EHR functionality. The website provides participants with a printable recommendations report to assist executive teams in deciding which additional features and functions are needed in existing EHR systems. The report is intended to be used as a strategic planning aid or to facilitate technology implementations. The OPEN MINDS Strategic Technology Assessment can be found at:

And, Be sure to check out the EHR Best Practices Community to see what other great tips, tools, and best practices are available free of charge:

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OPEN MINDS is a national strategic advisory firm specializing in the sectors of the health and human service field, serving individuals with chronic conditions and complex support needs: mental health; addiction treatment; children and family services; intellectual and developmental disabilities; chronic disease management; long term care; social services; correctional health care; and juvenile justice.

Founded in 1987 and based in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the 150+ associates believe by providing the latest market intelligence and management best practices to organizations serving the health and social support needs of the most vulnerable consumers, those organizations will be better able to provide efficient and effective services. Learn more at

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