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We’re here to help configure and maintain the billing needs for your organization.

Having a deep, real-world understanding of this industry helps us address our Partners’ real-world issues – like day-to-day financial challenges.

The functionality our Partners demand.

Credible’s financial software is designed to get you up and running quickly, smoothly, and correctly. We’ll start by performing your configuration, payer testing, training, and even by guiding you through the closing of your first month’s books – all while helping with rate changes, payer changes, and new billing initiatives at both federal and state levels. Credible also provides monthly Billing and Payer Updates newsletters and webinars that outline current and upcoming Federal and State initiatives.

Outsourced Billing, the ultimate Partnership.

For a deeper, more intrinsic relationship with Credible, we can work with your organization to help you achieve reliable, accurate, and timely billing by acting as your billing department. With our dedicated team, we experience your billing and payer challenges firsthand – and utilize our proven Best Practices, payer and state relationships, and multi-disciplinary team to resolve them immediately.

99.5% clean bill rate.

That’s actually not a typo. Credible Partners consistently increase their clean bill rate as a direct result of using our Billing module. They also perform batching during daytime hours, with no limitation on batches per day. Our goal is simple: optimize your billable services and collapse your payment cycle.

Schedule a demo to see our Financial capabilities in action and see firsthand how it could change your approach to agency finances.

Credible Capabilities Financial

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Credible Behavioral Health has merged with Qualifacts.

You can find information about the Credible EHR platform on

Qualifacts is one of the largest behavioral health, rehabilitative, and human services EHR vendors in the country. The company offers three EHR platforms – CareLogic, Credible, and InSync, serving all segment sizes in the market.