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Set up any combination of clinical support tools to suit your Agency and workflow.
Clinical functionality is the core of a solid EHR.

Credible’s intuitive ‘home page’ design simplifies viewing and navigation – so you can do your job with greater ease and efficiency.

Credible Capabilities Clinical

Integrated care, all integrated into one time-saving, money-saving platform.

For Partners, the most frequently-used client information, like medications list, medical history, last visit, allergies, and billing info, should be easy to access, track, and update. With Credible, you can configure your home page to display whatever information you need for your position to streamline care.

Preset fields, configurable fields – forms don’t get any simpler.

Your home page comes with several preset client fields, such as date of birth, gender, height, and weight. Beyond those, your agency can create fields to suit your own needs, including outcome tracking. All fields in your client profiles are 100% configurable, including the ability to view historical data and updated in real time.

Standard components include:

  • Address
  • Parent/Guardian Information
  • Referral Source
  • Educational/Vocational/Military History
  • PCP

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Credible Behavioral Health has merged with Qualifacts.

You can find information about the Credible EHR platform on

Qualifacts is one of the largest behavioral health, rehabilitative, and human services EHR vendors in the country. The company offers three EHR platforms – CareLogic, Credible, and InSync, serving all segment sizes in the market.