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Meridian Health Services

Meridian Health Services

Partner Overview

Meridian Health Services is a progressive healthcare organization specializing in “whole person” health, integrating physical, mental and social well-being. The focus on a broader spectrum of health including primary medical care, behavioral health and human services offers a well-rounded approach for happier, healthier patients. Meridian Health Services has been serving the Indiana community for over 35 years and is accredited by the Joint Commission and certified by the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addictions.

New State, New System, 7 Month Implementation

A large provider in a new state, Credible successfully took Meridian live in only 7 months. Rob Woods, IS Director, attributes the successful implementation to the partnership approach and use of Credible’s GoLive tool. Communication is critical in large-scale projects. “GoLive is a great communication vehicle. We can easily see all the steps in the implementation process and also give Credible access to see what we’ve done,” says Woods. The ability to hold everyone accountable, from both Credible and the partner, makes the overall implementation process smoother.

State Reporting Requirements Met

While in implementation, the State of Indiana was undergoing changes, which was a major funding stream for Meridian. Through the implementation process, Meridian was able to develop a state required assessment inside of Credible. They were able to update authorizations within the system automatically. It also gave Meridian a way to hold the State accountable and cross check data.

Clean, Timely Billing Leads to Increased Revenues

Under Meridian’s previous system, it was difficult to get bills out the door. “We kept coming up against past filing limit claims and losing a lot of money,” explains Woods. Within three weeks of being live with Credible, Meridian was able to receive claims back from major payer sources. Since then, they have not lost claims due to the past file limit. “It is a great enhancement to be able to bill clean very quickly and to realize revenues.”