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Families Inc. Counseling Services

Families Inc. Counseling Services

Partner Overview

Since 1999, Families, Inc. has served children, adolescents and adults throughout Northeast, North Central and Central Arkansas. Outpatient services provided include psychiatric services, therapy, psychological testing, and case management.

Before Credible, a Failed Implementation

In March of 2008, Families, Inc. signed an agreement to utilize a particular vendor for their EMR. During the next 22 months they gained wisdom and knowledge but no EMR. Families, Inc. could not bill in a timely manner, and were unable to access our data. The situation was further compounded by the vendor's failed deadlines and lack of support. With 22 months of failed implementation, Families, Inc. had staff losing confidence, administration losing credibility and in the meantime, the company was losing money.

Partnership is Key to a Successful Implementation

"We simply couldn't afford to proceed on our current path," said Mark Thurman, CEO. The company was in a very risky situation of possibly losing large numbers of staff who were unhappy with their working conditions. Staff felt that they could no longer do their jobs to their satisfaction. This is not a place a CEO wants to be.

Families, Inc. decided to implement Credible. Thurman happily announced that they "were 100% live in 12 weeks, receiving payments in a timely manner. Our staff was amazed with the simplicity and effectiveness of the system as well as the time it saved them."

A key component to successful implementation is the relationship between agency and vendor. Throughout implementation, Credible conducts onsite visits by implementation specialists, conference calls, and a visit from upper level management to ensure that the transition was going as planned.

Realized Return on Technology Investment - Net Revenue up 20%

With Credible implemented, Families, Inc. was able to reduce indirect labor by $133,848 per year; reduce toner, medical charts, and miscellaneous item costs by $21,952 per year; and reduce paper consumption and disposal services by $5,449 per year.

After being live with Credible, Families, Inc. staff had a renewed confidence in their work and administration. Due to efficient care, attractive working conditions, and quality of services, Families, Inc. was able to increase their direct billing staff by 17%. In addition, staff was more efficient with their time and the manner in which they provided service, increasing their available time to bill. Administratively, the ability to run reports and track services increased Families, Inc.'s compliance rate, which promoted efficient, quality, cost effective care.

"Happy workers as we all know are more productive workers," Thurman states, "and with this came increased quality and revenue."

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