Credible Behavioral Health - Your Comprehensive Web-Based Electronic Health Record Software Solution


Credible's scheduling module provides for daily, weekly or monthly views with the ability to add appointments by simply pointing the mouse at a specific day and time. Users can set preferred work hours and day views, block out non-client time, copy schedules and enter recurring appointments. Predetermined teams allow for viewing multiple staff concurrently as well as a "first available" feature that greatly simplifies scheduling by allowing users to query multiple provider schedules and set appointments according to either providers with the most time available or if for community based services, by providers closest geographically.

Staff can manage their own appointments while management maintains a centralized scheduling model. Events, notifications and reminders are built in to the scheduling module to allow staff to view all date/time specific information in one location. Mobile and distributed workers can download their schedule wirelessly and receive the most recent information on the clients they are scheduled to see. As well, providers can also query the database and pull up information remotely, even if the appointment was not scheduled previously.